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Your ELA teacher will give you one of these books. You will use this for ACCUPLACER boot camps in January. Don't lose it.
Create an account with College Board to run the ACCUPLACER practice tests:
If you already have a College Board account, but you can't remember the password, and you can't reset the password because you don't remember which email address you used, or you can't remember the password to the email account you signed up for the College Board account with --
Stop. You probably made a College Board account three years ago the first time you took the PSAT. Your email address is probably or or something equally silly.
1. Go to
2. Sign up for a new email address using the following format: OR OR
If these are all taken, try,,, etc.
DON'T USE A RANDOM NUMBER. DON'T USE A CUTESY NICKNAME. Make yourself a real-world email address you can put on college applications. Use this as your PRIMARY, if not ONLY, email address. Gmail lets you filter spam, put important mail at the top of the pile, and search for emails and attachments you can't find. It also comes with 15gb of cloud storage. 
Get a Gmail.
Make it professional.
Use it for everything.
Now go back to College Board and create a new account.
When prompted, select "Next Generation test."
Now you can run the official College Board practice tests for Reading, Writing, and the math sections.
See below for helpful College Board ACCUPLACER links: 
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