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Important Information for the English Language Arts Milestones (formerly EOCs)
If you are taking American Literature or 9th Grade Literature, either fall semester or spring semester, you will have a state-wide, skills-based exam called a Milestone at the end of your course (December for fall semester courses, May for spring semester courses). This test, designed by the state, counts for 20% of your overall final score in your class.
To best prepare you for this examination, the DECA English department STRONGLY ENCOURAGES YOU to review the attached documents. Yes, they are long. Yes, there is a lot of information to cover. No, it isn't shiny. But these review documents are provided by the state to alert you (and your parents) to the expectations and goals of the Milestone exams. PLEASE review these documents EARLY and OFTEN.
DECA will hold Saturday boot-camps to practice the skills presented in these documents. The Milestones do not test you on what you have read or written in class -- rather, the exam challenges you to apply the skills you've learned in new settings, giving you unfamiliar but comprehensible reading passages and testing your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. It is skills-based (what can you do) rather than comprehensive (what do you remember from class).
Journalism, Writing Workshop, and AP Language do NOT have Milestone exams -- these courses have final examinations in some form or another (comprehensive, skills-based, project, written response, etc) that will be weighted more heavily than other summative assessments in the gradebook.
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