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Knitting Information
DECA's first-ever Knitting Club!  Camille Grier will be leading the charge for the new club at DECA, and Ms. Tigges is the sponsor.  We hope to knit and crochet things not just for ourselves, family, and friends, but also for charity.  Along with our wonderful creative endeavors, we also hope to sprinkle in a bit of culture-- how people in other cultures knit, how long the craft of knitting has been around, etc. 
We will formally meet every 3 or 4 weeks-- that is still to be decided.  Informal knitting time, though, is allowed pretty much in the library anytime.
Ms. Tigges has extra needles and yarn, in case anyone needs supplies.
Here are some suggested names for the club:
Purl Jam
Knotty Knitters
Cable Crew 
Knit Wit
Knitty Gritty
Chronicles of Yarnia
Knit Pickers
Sit 'n' Knit
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